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Ethiopia says recession hits Dutch flower sales

Source: Reuters south africa

thiopia says it is seeking new buyers for its fresh flowers because the global economic downturn is cutting sales in its main market, the Netherlands. Tsegaye Abebe, Chairman of the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association, told a news conference late on Saturday the Netherlands bought 65 percent of Ethiopia's flower exports....(Read More)

Industry Code Gets First Batch Effecters

Source: Fortune

Almost three years after the idea to formulate the Code of Practice for flower farms was first floated, 10 of the 86 flower growers in Ethiopia were, late last week, certified for compliance.10 farms, found within 75Km radius of Addis Abeba in Holeta, Sebeta, Koka and Debre Zeit towns are ET Highland Flora, Maranque Plants, Florensis, Ethio-Agri CEFT, Red Fox Ethiopia, Ethiopia Cuttings, Lafto Roses, Olij (Avon) Roses Ethiopia, Dunga Floriculture and Minaye Flowers....(Read More)

Audit company certifies 10 flower farms

Source : Capital

The first ten flower farms got their certificate of code of practice for sustainable flower production after a one year auditing process by Dutch company, Control Union Certification, on Thursday, February 26, 2009.
The cost for the implementation of this program was covered by the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) and the Ethio Netherlands Horticulture Partnership. .....(Read More)

Press Release: Code of Practice for Sustainable Flower Production Certificate Presentation

Source : EHPEA February 26,2009

The purpose of this meeting is to  present the certificates of Code of Compliance to these successful farms, Eth Highland Flora, Maranques Plants, Florensis , Ethio AgriCEFT , Red Fox Ethiopia, Ethiopian Cuttings, Lafto Roses, Olij (Avon) Roses Ethiopia, Dugda Floriculture and Minaye Flowers. At the presentation ceremony each stakeholder had been given an opportunity to reiterate their support for the Code of Practice and each recipient farm gave a brief overview of how implementation of the Code has had a positive impact on their farming operations.....(Read More) (View Pictures )

Certificate awarded for flower farms implementing successful activities in code of practice

Source:ENA February 26,2009

Certificate was awarded for flower farms that implement successful activities in the new code of practice for sustainable flower production in Ethiopia.The code of practice for sustainable flower production was developed in a bid to encourage and guide responsible flower production and export in in Ethiopia.........(Read More)

Resistance Management and IPM

Source:Floriculture international February 2009

In a series of technical articles we will be outlining how to use integrated pest management (IPM) to help manage resistance to pesticides in flowersl in this introduatory article we first explain the basic principle of 'Resistance Management',the most commercially significant problem facing growers this decade ........(Read More )

Valentines Bonanza for flower Markets

Source: Capital february 14,2009

The holiday of love is a time of bussiness for many . but the expontially expanding flowers exporters, which earned around 114 million dollars in exports last fiscal year and are high on the government priority list, along with freight service proveders made the most of it .....(Read More )

Ethiopia seen doubling '08 flower export income

Income from Ethiopia's flower exports will more than double to $150 million this year, but future expansion may be hit by the global financial crisis, the head of a private industry body said on Monday."People's priority in a global crisis is not to buy flowers. Their priority is to provide food," Tsegaye Abebe, chairman of the Ethiopian Horticulture Association, told Reuters....(Read More)

Tigray State to Get 200m Br Vineyard

Ten prominent businesspeople engaged in flower farms are planning to venture in developing a vineyard and establish wineries, forming a new company two weeks ago, Ethio Grapes SC, with a capital of one million Birr. The new company's first venture will be an investment of 200 million Br, to develop a vineyard and farm on a 1,000hct leased plot, to be made available by the administration of Tigray Regional State. Of the total plot promised by the Regional State, Ethio Grapes has begun work on 400hct. Moges Mesfin, head of the Tigray Region Investment Office, confirmed that this is the largest amount of land ever divvied out in the State...........(Read More)

1.4 bln USD from horticulture annually

Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) has set an ambitious target to generate 1.4 bln USD annually within five years by expanding vegetable and fruits export in addition to the fast growing export of flowers.

Indicating its support to the plan introduced by Tsegaye Abebe, president of EHPEA at the first awards ceremony for exporters organized by the government, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said, "We share your target vision and will do whatever it takes to meet it." The association plans to cover 450 ha with flower farms and 750 ha for fruits and vegetables....(Read More)

A two days workshop entitled “The EU flower market, quality and cool chain management” is being given by CBI in collaboration with EHPEA at Ghion hotel starting from October 25, 2007 to 60 representatives of different farms. On the opening ceremony H.E Ato Fantaye Biftu Special advisor to the Minster of Trade and Industry, Dr Adhanom Negassi from MoTI and Ato Tsegaye Abebe Board chairman of EHPEA were present. During the ceremony Ato Tsegaye made an opening remark and officially opened the workshop. The workshop will cover topics on European market channel & requirements, selling on the flower auction, expectations of customers, farm development stages, performance of Ethiopian roses on the Dutch market and critical control points of flower farms. On the training there were presentations, discussions, group exercises and there will be a farm visit tomorrow.(Click to view pictures)

Contestants of the Miss Millennium Tourism made farm visits

Source: EHPEA

EHPEA partly sponsored the incoming of beauty contestants to Ethiopia from more than 40 different countries to promote the image of Ethiopia in the new millennium that we are celebrating as a country. Since horticulture is one of the growing sectors of the Ethiopian economy it was scheduled for the contestants to visit flower farms. For this EHPEA in collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Tourism has organized a farm visit for the Miss Millennium Tourisim contestants in 3 farms around Debrezeit area. They visited green houses, pack houses and cold rooms at Minaye flowers, Joy tech and Dugda floriculture on October 2,2007. During their visit explanation was given to them about the farms, they asked questions and showed their appreciation for the Ethiopian flowers. EHPEA believes these kinds of farm visits are important to change the image of the country. (Click here to view pictures).

Ethiopia breaking in to world flower market

Source: Sudan Tribune

Ethiopian horticulture producers and exporters association (EHPEA) said Ethiopia's tremendous efforts to boost the horticulture sector has created a break though in to the world flower market competition.

“The government's attractive policy stretched to investors with the existing peace and stability across the nation together is making foreign investors on the sector flood in to the country” association chair man Tsegay Abebe told Sudan Tribune.....(Read More)

Coming up Roses

After Coffee- Ethiopia's other export

UN Special

We were surprised to learn that Ethiopia is the second-largest producer of roses on Africa , with Kenya leading and sixth in the world after Hollland, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya and Isreal. Seventy percent goes to the Netherlands, the biggest auction centere for flowers and the rest to Russia , the U.S , Japan etc.........(Read More)

Our member received 366 ha of land in Welisso

Source: Guardian September 29,2007

Ethiopian Meadows PLC the second largest exporter of cut rose flowers in Ethiopia has set its eyes on a promising future that would make the company the leading exporter soon .......(Read More)

Press Release: Flower Farm Employees receive Training Certificates for farms in DebreZeit area

The Ceremony today, held at Minaye by the kind invitation of Ato Yidnekachew Ayele, a Board member of the Association, marks the completion of training courses in Safe Use of Pesticides and Pesticide Store keeping by employees from member farms in the Debre Zeit area. Farm staff, (83), who are receiving Certificates have completed courses in Pesticide Store Keeping and the Safe Use of Pesticides when spraying in the greenhouses. Farms who have participated in the training programme in Debre Zeit include: Minaye, Dugda, Avon, Joy Tech, Roshanara, Sunrise (Yasin Legasse) and Spirit......(read more)


KAIZEN Institute Africa gave workshop to EHPEA members

Source : EHPEA

KAIZEN Institute (KI) is a global management consulting company recognized as the international leader in helping companies implement KAIZEN tools and strategies to secure a competitive advantage, within their own particular industry and EHPEA organized a half day workshop on September 20,2007 at the global hotel. The presenter of the workshop was Mr. Himanshu Dodhia who is a Consultant at KAIZEN Kenya office. The KAIZEN Institute provides consulting services to companies represented in Europe, Asia, Africa and America aimed at improving total business performance through sustainable implementaion by transfering skills to make organizations autonomous in the managemnet of their own improvement.

During the workshop participants of different farms were present and the topics of the presentation were also very interesting . If you are interested to read more about the presentation Please Click Here.

IPM makes a start in Ethiopia

Source: FlowerTECH 2007 vol.10/no.3

The two-spotted spider mite is samall, but poses a serious threat to the success of chemical crop protection is high and the risks of pesticides are enoromus. Besides, pesticides are not always available. Rose production must therefore become less dependent on chemicals . A Project has already started in Ethiopia to develop Integrated pest Management (IPM) for the main pests and diseases......(Read More)

Flower exporters Strengthen ties to Japan


September 16,2007

Flower exports to Japan reacehed 70,000 stems per week a year after export was laucnched to world's second largest economy in 2006. the japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kinichi Komano vowed in a traditional flower arrangement demonstration held at the Addis Ababa city Hall on September 13,2007 that Japan would increase its flower imports from Ethiopia......(Read More)

Customs,Horticultue association welcome diaspora Ethiopians

Source : Guardian -September 8,2007

The Ethiopian customs authority and EHPEA jointly sstaged a welcoming ceremony at Bole International airport to ethiopians from the Diaspora arriving for the millenium......(Read More)

Ethiopia's flower sector outgrows Kenya

Source: Nation Media, Kenya

September 10,2007

Ethiopia is now Africa's second largest flower exporter after Kenya, with its export earnings growing by 500 per cent over the past year.This has left Kenya stunned, given that five years ago, the Horn of Africa country was doing less than $20 million of exports compared with the East African giant's $300 million. It is estimated that, this year, Ethiopia will close its books at $120 million, slightly less than half of Kenya's earnings.“It has taken Ethiopia five years to achieve half of what we have in three decades,” Kenya Flower Council chairman Erastus Mureithi said.Going by this rate, Kenya could be overtaken by Ethiopia in a decade, he added.....(Read More)

Press Release: Flower Farm Employees receive Training Certificates(August 20,2007)

The Ceremony on Monday 15 th August, held at ET Highland Flora by the kind invitation of Ato Tsegaye Abebe, the Chairman of the Association, marks the completion of the first training courses by employees from member farms in the Sebeta area. The Farm staff, (55), who received Certificates have completed courses in Pesticide Store Keeping and the Safe Use of Pesticides when spraying in the greenhouses. Farms who have participated in the training programme so far are all in the Sebeta area....(Read More)

In colombia, around 8000 ha are in flower production, of which some 7000 are intensively cultivated under green-houses and 1000 ha are outdoor, rainfed(mostly foilage and filler ornamentals). Farms are located around two main clusters ......(Read More)

Post harvest treatments are a partner in Quality Control (FloriCulture International - the business magazing for floriculture worldwide, July/August 2007)

Quality control , where post-harvest treatments by growers play a significant role, can help to gurantee this degree of consumer pleasure. Growers use all their skills in the cultivation of mother plants to harvest perfect flowers. the question is whether 100% of the genetic potential of the cut flowers is realized in the consumer's home.......(Read More)

Stakeholders' workshop for the establishment of a diversified program for vegetable export (EHPEA July20,2007)

The national pilot project for the establishment of a diversification program for vegetable export development in Ethiopia and Sudan which was sponsored by the common fund for commodities (CFC) workshop was organized by EHPEA on July 18,2007 at Rift Valley hotel in Adama (Nazareth)..... (Read More)

EHPEA launches code of practice for flower growers (Capital July 1,2007)

The Ethiopian Horticulture Producers and Exporters Association (EHPEA), launched code of practice for sustainable flower production on Friday , June 29,2007 at the Hilton Hotel .......(Read More)

Addisu reaffirms gov't backing to boost floriculture sector development (Ethiopian herald June 30,2007)

Deputy prime Minister, Addisu Legesse has expressed the government's commitment toward providing the necessary support in boosting foreign currency earning from floriculture ....... (Read more)

Launching Ceremony of EHPEA Code of Practice for Sustainable flower production (June 30,2007)

EHPEA code of practice, which is unique to Ethiopia, was launched on Friday June 29,2007 at Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa with the presence of H.E Ato Adissu Legesse Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, other ministries and invited guests. The code of practice is aimed at ensuring sustainable floriculture development in the country. It also encourages the implementation of good agricultural practice and sustainable production techniques through ensuring standards of occupational health and safety and acceptable employment practice, training and capacity building at all levels. The code sets three levels of performance namely ‘ Bronze, Silver and Gold' in bid to ensure sustainable production and management practices.

Source: EHPEA

Press Realese from EHPEA on the Lanching of the Code of practice for Sustainable Flower Production (June 30,2007)

Friday 29 th June saw the launch ceremony for the EHPEA Code of Practice at the Hilto Hotel, Addis Ababa.... (Read More)

Country of Contrasts, Challenges and Opportunities (June 21,2007)

Ethiopia's floriculture industry has been developing rapidly in recent yers due to government incentives and financial support from other countries. Not all agree however, that the local ambitions to reach a target of 3,000 ha of roses in three years time are realistic _ and yet construction goes on apace......(Read More)

Letter from EHPEA's Chairman on 'Flower industry needs to nip HIV in the bud' to Ethiopian Monitor and IRIN (May 25,2007)

On behalf of the Ethiopian Horticulture Producers and Exporters Association, EHPEA, that is the Association set up to represent the Flower Export Sector, I would like to comment on this article as follows....(Read More)

Flower industry needs to nip HIV in the bud (IRIN)

Ethiopia's flower industry is a booming business, but AIDS campaigners fear that inaction by farm owners and government, combined with a poorly educated workforce, could provide fertile ground for HIV .... (Read more)

Hortiflora Ethiopia 2007

Hortiflora Ethiopia 2007 exhibition an international exhibition held at the Addis Ababa exhibition center was opened by H.E Ato Addisu Legesse Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It is the second horticulture exhibition hosted by Ethiopian Horticulture Producers Exporters Association (EHPEA) and its organizing partners..... (Read More)

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 2008 -2014

Programme manager: Mr Peter J. van Gilst Status: current (open for application)

Help has arrived for exporters from developing countries (DCs) struggling to market their fresh fruit and vegetables in the European Union. The CBI´s new Export Coaching Programme (ECP) for Fresh Fruit & Vegetables has been especially designed to help DC companies with export ambition and potential to surmount the many obstacles separating them from sustainable European sales. The ECP was launched this year and lasts until 2014...Read more...

Flower producer Sher to go into food production

Leading flower grower, Sher Karuturi, says that it will soon enter the food production sub-sector, with plans to establish extensive rice and wheat farms in Ethiopia already at an advanced stage. According to the company’s chief executive, Rao Karuturi, the company is negotiating with the government of Ethiopia for more than 100,000 hectares to produce rice and a similar acreage for wheat and maize....Read more...

Interest to start Flower farm in Ethiopia growing up

Source: ENA(Addis Ababa) Amharic news on Addis Zemen . Read more....

A First Lady's Bouquet

Source: Capital Newspaper. Issued on Sunday July 27, 2008

Khadra Mohammed, First Lady of Djibouti, has received 20 hectares of land in the sebeta area for a flower farm, on Tuesday July 22, 2008 from Alemu Sime, Investment Bureau Head of the Oromia Regional State. Read more....

Minstry of Finance and Industry disclosed Flower farms in Ethiopia have created 30000 job opportunities

Source: Addis Zemen. Issued on Saturday August 9, 2008

ENA's report from Jimma: Minstry of Trade and Industry disclosed Flower farms in Ethiopia have created 30,000 job opportunities for nationals. It is also told that in the coming Ethiopian Year there is a plan to earn 306 mln.USD from the flower sector. Read more in Amharic...

Nation Obtains 111mln. USD from floriculture industry

Source: Ethiopian Herald. Issued on Saturday August 9, 2008

JIMMA (ENA)- Ethiopia has secured 111 mln USD from floriculture sector last fiscal year, the Minstry of Trade and Industry said. Read more....

Last Thursday, members of the opposition paid visit to Et Highland Flower Farm.

Source: Fourtune. Issued on Sunday August 24, 2008

The floriculture sector is under heavy criticism by environmentalists for the use of chemicals in its production process. Read more....

Agency discusses five year plan.

Source:Capital Vol. 10 No. 507 issued on Sunday August 31, 2008.

Two months ago, the horticulture department under the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) was restructured as an agency and put under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development(MoARD). Read more....

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